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Having fun ‘Zooming’ with your friends and family? How about learning a language on zoom….

Online courses October 2022

Mon 3 Oct Tue 4 Oct
1200 - 1300 GMT
1200 - 1300 GMT
1300 - 1400 GMT
1830 - 1930 GMT
Mon 3 Oct Thur 6 Oct
1230 - 1330 GMT
1230 - 1330 GMT
GMT 1330 - 1430 GMT
Tue 4 Oct Tue 4 Oct
1300 - 1400 GMT
Early Intermediate
GMT - Greenwich Mean Tim
1200 - 1300 GMT
1200 - 1300 GMT
Mon 3 Oct Mon 3 Oct
1200 - 1300 GMT
1300 - 1400 GMT
N/A On demand

Why do you want to learn a language?

Everyone has different reasons for learning a language, whether for business or pleasure…

For my work

My Latin American clients love that I am trying to speak Spanish.
I like trying to speak to the receptionist in the Madrid office in Spanish.
I like to meet my colleagues from other offices, virtually in a relaxed environment.
I have many French clients.
I want to be able to introduce myself and my company to potential clients in their language.
I like to do something for me during the week at lunchtime. 

For travel

I have a house in France.
My boyfriend is Italian.
We go on holiday to Germany every year.
I love the fact I can feel confident ordering pain au chocolate in Paris!
I go to Buenos Aires to dance tango every year.
I studied French at school and don’t want to lose it.

Our Language Courses

Language Tasters

Why not try an online 30 minute language taster in your company? You can get the employees from all your offices to join in. 
It doesn’t matter where they are!

Spanish Language Tasters
French Language Tasters
Italian Language Tasters
German Language Tasters
13 Sep 2022

Online Advanced Legal Spanish course – Information Session

13:30 - 14:00

      Are you working with Spanish speaking lawyers and would like to…

Flash News

New Advanced Legal Spanish Language Course

Succeed in Languages together with Spanish in the city and Cerel have developed an advanced legal Spanish language course for people with an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish who want to work in a legal environment.

She replicated the model she used in Adrogué and now has a solid business in Europe.

Liz Merchant works with companies; the majority of her students study languages for pleasure, she has plans to expand to other countries in Europe.


'The perception that everyone speaks English, or that English is enough, can be challenged easily. Only six per cent of the world's population are native English speakers - 75% do not speak English at all.'
British Academy Policy Centre

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