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Welcome to Succeed in Languages

37 years language training

Who Are We

Succeed in Languages is a language training company which was established in London in 1997 with the idea of teaching languages in companies at their place of work. 


Our Mission

To provide personalised, effective, relevant and fun language training courses to adults.

What We Do

We organise and teach language courses both in and out of the workplace and online. We have 37 years experience in the business and a fantastic team of teachers.
Upon request of our clients most of our courses are now online.

What can you expect from us?


Contact us

Fill in the application form with your details and request.


We will send you a level test

We will send you a level test and a needs analysis if relevant.


Level confirmation

Once we have received your level test, we will recommend the best course for you.


Join the course

Once you have confirmed your interest in the course you will receive an invoice.  Your place on the course will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.


The course

The courses are personalised to the group.  The teacher will design the programme together with the students and based on the students’ needs and their interests.



During the course we will check that the level is right and that the needs of the group are being met.

Our Teachers

Are native speakers of the language they teach.  Have a degree or equivalent.  Have a teaching qualification.  Have at least 2 years experience teaching

In addition they are:

Teachers are good listeners, patient and help students overcome their fears.

All teachers are native speakers and speak English.  They have had to learn English as a second language so know exactly what you are going through.

Our courses are personalised, so teachers will adapt to your needs.

Teachers will adapt the programme to the group or individual’s needs

Teachers are punctual, professional, and accountable.

Teachers are very experienced.  They are skilled at managing different people’s language aspirations, expectations and levels.

They are good listeners, patient and help students find the best and fun way to learn. 

Most teachers have a degree and all teachers have a training qualification.  In addition they have a keen interest in their language.

We have been teaching some of our clients for over 20 years and they all comment on the experience. the interaction, the knowledge both of the language and life our teachers have.


What Our Teachers Say


“As well as enjoying meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds, I really get a charge out of knowing I have empowered them to express themselves in another language.

As well as increased confidence, students should be able to build better relationships (both personal and business). And if they’re interested, they can deepen their understanding of different cultures”


“Teaching is a rewarding experience because you get to see your student develop and interact in a language that is not their mother tongue one. Doing it online is fun and very similar to a face to face experience.

My students experience a very close experience to what was a face to face class. They can interact in plenum or in small groups exercising the language with different dynamics. They get to practice actively the language and exercise all the 4 skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. They also get to use interesting interactive materials.”

What Our Students Say

Some of the organisations we work with:





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