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We have been teaching some of our clients for over 20 years. Our teachers are very experienced. They are skilled at managing different people’s aspirations, expectations and levels. 
We are here to help and make the learning journey invigorating, meaningful, relevant, useful, lively, energising and interesting.

Although my clients speak English, they love that I attempt to speak to them in their own language. It helps to build up the business relationship.

My boyfriend is Italian.
I have a house in the south of France.
I dance tango and go to Buenos Aires every year.
I studied French at school and don’t want to lose it.

I speak to the receptionist in our offices in Spain.
We go out with our clients in Paris when I am there.

It is something I do once a week which is just for me.
It is good for my brain.
I get to chat to my colleagues even though I am not going into the office.

I role play that I am on holiday.
I get to speak to my colleagues in a relaxed and fun environment.
I meet other people who are in my same situation

Some Numbers

Languages in the World
371 M+
Speakers of Spanish in the world
1 M+
Native English Speakers in the world
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