Why learn with us?

The reason is the teachers we use are the best. Sounds like an idle boast but its true. We have been teaching some of our clients for over 20 years and they all comment on the experience, the interaction, the knowledge both of the language and life our teachers have. We aim to find the right teacher for the right student.

Our teachers are very experienced. They are skilled at managing different people’s language aspirations, expectations and levels.
They are good listeners, patient and help student overcome their fears. They help students find the best and fun way to learn.

We are here to help and make the learning journey invigorating, meaningful, relevant, useful, lively, energising and interesting.

Why our courses?

  • Our students choose the programme and the book together with the teacher.
  • The classes are practical, engaging, interactive and fun.
  • The teacher will recommend complementary self-study resources that students can use in their own time. Wherever they are.
  • Students will use what they are learning multiple times in multiple ways.
  • They will do role-plays and simulations and use the language in games.
  • Our groups are small (up to 8 people) giving everyone the opportunity to speak.
  • The teacher will incorporate cultural aspects of the language and country.
  • In virtual classes students will connect with colleagues from other cities and countries, as well as their own city.
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